Route Servers

STHIX is using a route server solution based on BIRD. RS sessions are enabled by default when you become a customer. If any problems would arise, please send a message to .

The route servers have these IP addresses:

Peering LAN Route Server #1 Route Server #2
IPv4 Address IPv6 Address IPv4 Address IPv6 Address
Copenhagen 2001:7f8:b0:0:0:5:7151:1/64 2001:7f8:b0:0:0:5:7151:2/64
Gothenburg 2001:7f8:ad:0:0:5:7151:1/64 2001:7f8:ad:0:0:5:7151:2/64
Stockholm 2001:7f8:3e:0:a500:5:7151:1/64 2001:7f8:3e:0:a500:5:7151:2/64
Sundsvall 2001:7f8:dd:0:0:5:7151:1/64 2001:7f8:dd:0:0:5:7151:2/64

…and they are all using ASN 57151.

The route servers have support for communities and they are using automatically updated filters primarily based on RPKI data with fallback to IRRDB data.

General BGP Configuration

You will need to configure your router not to enforce the first ASN in the path to match the peering session.

Cisco IOS/Quagga example

router bgp < asn >
no bgp enforce-first-as

Huawei example

bgp < asn >
undo check-first-as

You will also need to enable the following on the peer to the route server to make the route server receive your configured communties.

Cisco IOS/Quagga example

router bgp < asn >
neighbor < ip > send-community both

Standard Communities

Use the following communities to control your prefixes:

0:peer-as Block announcement of prefix to AS peer-as
57151:peer-as Announce prefix to a certain peer
0:57151 Block announcement of prefix to all participants
57151:57151 Announce prefix to all participants

Large Communities

Use the following large communities to control your prefixes:

57151:0:peer-as Block announcement of prefix to AS peer-as
57151:1:peer-as Announce prefix to AS peer-as
57151:0:0 Block announcement of prefix to all participants
57151:1:0 Announce prefix to all participants

RPKI/IRRDB Informational Communities

We use the following communities to define informational RPKI/IRRDB communities.


57151:1000:1 RPKI Valid
57151:1000:2 RPKI Unknown
57151:1000:3 RPKI Not checked
57151:1001:1 IRRDB Valid
57151:1001:2 IRRDB Not checked
57151:1001:3 IRRDB More specific
57151:1001:1000 IRRDB Filtered loose
57151:1001:1001 IRRDB Filtered strict
57151:1001:1002 IRRDB Prefix empty
57151:1001:1200 Same as next hop


57151:1101:1 Prefix length too long
57151:1101:2 Prefix length too short
57151:1101:3 Bogon prefix
57151:1101:4 Bogon ASN
57151:1101:5 AS Path too Long
57151:1101:6 AS Path too Short
57151:1101:7 First AS is not Peer AS
57151:1101:8 Next Hop is not Peer IP
57151:1101:9 IRRDB Prefix filtered
57151:1101:10 IRRDB Origin AS filtered
57151:1101:11 Prefix not in Origin AS
57151:1101:12 RPKI Unknown
57151:1101:13 RPKI Invalid
57151:1101:14 Transit free ASN (Tier-1)
57151:1101:15 Too many communities